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    $85 /year

    SSL Certifcate to
    match your domain

    All Business Catalyst websites have a SSL Certificate (, but with this add-on you get a custom SSL to match your domain. note: Google and other web browsers have started to display text/symbols in obvious ways to a user that a website is not secure. It is now general practice to have your entire website secure via https:// rather than just your payment forms and password logins.

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    $750 /site

    Advanced SEO
    for eCommerce

    Increase your chances of being found on the internet!

      SEO Performed:

    • Google My Business
    • Google Ad Words (ad cost associated)
    • Geo meta tags
    • Generate robots.txt file
    • Submit sitemap.xml to Google
    • og meta tags for Facebook & Pinterest
    • Twitter card meta tags
    • Seperate meta tag templates for blog, ecommerce & news
    • Schema markup for homepage, blog, & ecommerce products –
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    $40 /site

    Business Catalyst Admin Labeling


    Customize Your Labels in the BC Admin!

    The admin menu app allows an admin user to change the contents of the admin menus. This app allows you to perform the following features:
    Change admin menu labels.

    • Add links to external resources by adding new admin menu items that can be opened inside the admin or in a new window.
    • Reorder and regroup menu items via drag and drop interface.
    • Hide default menu items.
    • Change menu item icons by choosing a different icon from the library or uploading your own.
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    $40 /site

    Business Catalyst Image Editor


    Edit Your Images in the BC Admin!

    The admin image editor app allows an admin user to edit images and save them all from within the Business Catalyst admin.

    This app allows you to perform the following features:

    • Enhance
    • Effects
    • Frames
    • Overlays
    • Stickers
    • Orientation
    • Crop
    • Resize
    • Lighting
    • Color
    • Sharpness
    • Focus
    • Vignette
    • Blemish
    • Whiten
    • Redeye
    • Draw
    • Splash
    • Text
    • much much more

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    $65 /site

    Business Catalyst Website Backup

    Sleep better at night,
    knowing your BC sites are backed up!

    Backing up your site is so easy, you and your clients can start your first backup in seconds.

    Convenient & Familiar:

    The backup admin fits seamlessly inside the admin console, so there’s no need to go anywhere else to backup your website. It feels instantly familiar to anyone who uses Business Catalyst, with no new passwords to remember.

    Cool & Customizable:

    You can choose what you want to backup, and even select only your most recent files, which saves storage space if you have a large website. It’s also super easy to set your storage preferences.

    Local & Remote:

    You can save backups right on your website for fast & easy retrieval. You can also save copies to your local hard drive for the added peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is safe with you.

    What gets backed up?

    We currently are able to provide backups of:

    • Files and Folders
    • Web Apps
    • eCommerce Catalogs and Products
    • CRM Customers Note: Only the standard CRM customer fields are backed up. Extended CRM data is not available to be backed up at this time.
    • Blogs (new!) Note: Only Post Title, URL, and Post Content are backed up. APIs do not yet allow backups for Featured Image, SEO Metadata, Categories and Tags.

    *You can save backups on your website, on your local drive, or on Dropbox and Google Drive for fast and easy retrieval.

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    $30 /site

    Business Catalyst Admin Tutorials
    Client Trainer Videos


    Instant access to 38 training videos right in your Business Catalyst clients’ admin.

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    $10 /month

    Online Chat Support

    Get Online Chat Support For Your Customers...