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 We are so grateful to my friend earth™ DESIGN for all the help he has given us over the past few days. He has completely updated our website and it looks amazing. It's been "live" one day and we are already seeing an increase in our customer database! We are so thankful for his creativity and his wealth of knowledge! Adam, THANK YOU! "

The Carruths, , Rockwall Escape Rooms


 my friend earth has been managing our organizations web page for the last few years and I have only recently taken over and been in contact with mfe Design, and I have loved it! He responds quickly, updates materials in a timely fashion and our site looks great! Thank you so much for everything you do we really appreciate it."

Ashley Jenkins-Jones, Behavioral Therapist,


 If I were a selfish person, I would not write this testimonial because I would keep mfe Design's genius and creativity all to myself!  As an entrepreneur who has provided branding services to many small businesses, including website and collateral development, mfe Design has provided the most splendid designs.  He is thoughtful and always working to improve his craft.  In my opinion, mfe Design is one of the best kept secrets!"

Marva L. Goldsmith, Cheif Image Officer, MG&A


 Everything changed when my friend earth™ joined our small team. Our logo, web site and collateral materials are so visually exciting and appealing to our clients. His keen sense of marketing and professionalism are invaluable assets to LIAM's work. We were kind of hoping he would remain our best kept secret!"

Mozella Perry Ademiluyi, speaker author poet, Love Is A Mountain® / Discover LIAM™


 my friend earth™ has been a great resource for our organization.  mfe Design's knowledge of how non-profits and especially coalitions function and work has been invaluable. Their attention to detail yet flexible outlook allows our webpage to reflect our ever evolving organization."